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Strategic Planning

Green Evangelist helps develop a sustainability strategy that is aligned to the client’s business strategy. This strategy is evolved by studying and understanding the client’s core business, keeping in mind the need to ensure long-term business profitability.

Sustainability Assessment:

Our team assesses existing strategic plans and documents, and benchmarks these against industry best practices. We then review the company's roadmap for aligning sustainability and business performance. Then, with the help of the senior management and detailed interactions with function heads, we develop an integrated sustainability strategy and roadmap.

  • Facilitating learning : On-site workshops which bring together relevant people from across the company, to integrate understanding of sustainable development-related risks and opportunities with business thinking.

  • Ongoing mentoring and support to the leadership team as they implement long-term strategies for excellence in corporate responsibility and long-term business performance.

ESG Analysis:

ESG analysis involves considering environmental, social and governance issues affecting a client, and attempts to identify the impact it can have on present and future business.

At Green Evangelist, we do an ESG Analysis based on the following 8 factors which try and cover a gamut of stakeholders:

8 Factor approach

    • Corporate Governance and Citizenship
    • Human Rights
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Diversity Policy and Implementation
    • Environmental Policy and Commitments
    • Community Engagement
    • Sustainable Products  and Marketing
    • Customer satisfaction

Impact and Risk Assessment:

Sustainability risk and impact management has to deal with new and emerging environmental and social risks. Risk assessment needs to anticipate these risks and thereon develop appropriate risk mitigation strategies. The challenge is to customize strategy in the context of the dynamic risk scenario, in alignment with the sustainability goals of the company and business performance.

Stakeholder Balance

Meeting the conflicting demands of different stakeholders is the responsibility of a corporate. Balancing the needs of internal stakeholders with the needs of external stakeholders, and aligning the needs of these conflicting constituents with the mission and goals of the company is an arduous task.
This is where the Green Evangelist helps create the stakeholder balance - through an effective sustainability communication strategy.

Understanding stakeholder expectations through dialogue and liaison

Green Evangelist effectively uses the 4 E (Explore, Engage, Evaluate, Evangelize) model to engage with the company’s stakeholders to clearly identify their information needs and expectations. Following that, we evaluate the communication requirements of each stakeholder group and help implement the sustainability communication strategy.

Gap Analysis

To identify sustainability gaps, the Green Evangelist team attempts to identify sustainability targets. The targets can be any of the physical, social and economic aspects of sustainability. We then quantify the difference between intent and action.

Mapping and enhancing existing sustainability strategy and initiatives

Based on the gap analysis, we map the current initiatives. Studying this against the backdrop of the sustainability strategy allows us to make suitable recommendations in strategy and initiatives.

CSR and ‘green’ strategy

A lot of companies have good intentions, but not enough bandwidth to translate them into a CSR / Green program. This is where the Green Evangelist team works in sync with the corporate’s leaders, to understand the core business strategy and recommend a suitable CSR / Green strategy. In some cases, we can work as an extended team for our client, to provide solutions from strategy right up to implementation.

Aligning with corporate and brand strategy

Sustainability has an over-arching effect. Therefore all the sustainability initiatives of the company impact the brand in the marketplace. With two marketing professionals as a part of the core team of Green Evangelist, we are able to align a client’s CSR strategy to its corporate and brand strategy to amplify the effect of its initiatives.

Localizing global sustainability initiatives

A number of international clients have a Global Sustainability strategy. While the strategy remains the same, the execution differs in the local context. This is where Green Evangelist can help its clients ‘localize’ their community strategy for social development. Our role doesn’t end at merely recommending initiatives, but we ensure effective implementation of the same. Beyond that, the Green Evangelist team tries to put a matrix on the basis of which these initiatives can be measured.

Research and analysis

For any company which is reviewing the Indian market for its entry, we can help do relevant research within the specific industry segment, identifying Indian practices for the Social and Environmental conditions prevailing and also do a trend analysis.


Green Evangelist understands that, however good an intention, it is the final outcome or the last mile which is as important as the strategy itself. We offer implementation solutions across the board for any sustainability initiatives where we partner with domain experts to bring a single window for sustainability solutions.

Facilitating CSR and green strategies

The best of CSR and green strategies require liaising with external bodies such as NGOs, regulatory authorities, assurance agencies and industry bodies. Green Evangelist supports clients by interacting with various agencies on the client’s behalf.

Measurement & Monitoring

All activities need to be measured and monitored in order to track the successes and understand the shortcomings. The observations and learnings help to fine-tune the course of the activity.

Operational efficiency

Efficiency in CSR and green programs is more critical, as these programs are usually viewed as cost centres. However, an efficiently-run program can deliver qualitative and quantitative results, which help in reinforcing the benefits of these programs.

Corporate Volunteering module

Green Evangelist has a special program which can help clients effectively run Corporate Volunteering as a professional exercise. This program tries to eliminate the barriers which Corporate Volunteering usually experiences such as inertia, lack of coordination, and lack of appreciation. A key focus of this program is to make the exercise self-sustaining.

Specific initiatives

Thanks to growing awareness on several issues, a number of relevant days are getting into the annual calendar of celebrations. We at Green Evangelist can help you plan and execute these days to maximize impact and have some tangible benefits emerge from the same. Some examples of such days are:

  • Diversity Day
  • Earth Hour
  • Disability Day
Training & Facilitation

One of the ways in which Green Evangelist helps corporates get sustainable is to train the company’s stakeholders to move up the curve of sustainability. Some of the specific initiatives in training are:

Sustainability reporting

Corporates need to sensitize senior and middle management to “Why reporting”. This is something which the Green Evangelist team can do effectively to ensure that there is a ‘buy-in’ for getting into sustainability reporting on an ongoing basis.

Sensitization workshops

Increasingly, corporates want to sensitize their employees and vendors to the cause of sustainability. This helps them perform better and respond to sustainability challenges in a more meaningful and involved way.

Best practices and Benchmarking

Green Evangelist can put together best practices for the industry, for a client to refer to and learn from.

GRI-G3 reporting process

The Green Evangelist team with its vast experience in reporting can conduct training for the client’s team, which will be in charge of report preparation.

Stakeholder inclusiveness

CSR/social/environmental report

Green Evangelist can help you prepare any of the above reports for internal or external stakeholders.

Domain-specific content management

For those clients who are interested in having a ‘Sustainability’ focus on their intranet or portal, we can manage the content for the same.


In case you would like to create a white paper or case study, we can help document the same for you.

Ecological footprint

To establish a base benchmark of the “carbon footprint” of employees or other stakeholders, we can undertake a Footprinting analysis. We can also enable you with a software solution for your employees to determine their personal ecological footprint.

Compliance communications

We can help you document your compliance communication and set a process for the same to be refreshed on a periodic basis.

Ethics  & Governance program
  • Ethics form the bedrock of sustainability in any corporate. Yet this is the area which is most undefined, as most companies have no clear Ethics program. We can help you structure your Ethics and Governance program by starting from scratch and evolving a ‘Code of Business Conduct’. We can also assist you in communicating the same in interesting ways, such as creating a short film that brings alive the ethos of your company.

Stakeholder engagement programs

We can engage with your stakeholders on your behalf to give you an unbiased picture of stakeholder expectations, and help you get them motivated to join you in your sustainability journey.

Sustainable marketing strategy

With two marketing and communication professionals on its Board, Green Evangelist can advise clients who want to launch sustainable products with a focused strategy to make them mainstream, and yet help in the cause of sustainability.


Sustainability needs to be communicated across the board to stakeholders, allowing them to engage with the company. This can be done through reporting, marketing, blogs, discussion forums, etc. Green Evangelist can help chalk out a communications strategy and then help you implement the same across media. We can help you choose environment-friendly media.

Social advertising

Social advertising is often an area for advertising agencies to reflect their creativity. But what’s important is to do advertising which results in the desired change amongst the target audience and which can be measured for efficacy. This is where Green Evangelist can step in – to adopt a relevant cause and do 360-degree communication that demonstrates results.

Measurement & monitoring

Green Evangelist strongly believes in initiating a measurement and monitoring plan for all initiatives and activities undertaken for its clients. For this, we use a variety of mechanisms and matrixes customized to client requirements.

Pro-Bono NGO Support
We always profess to our clients that it is necessary to engage in social commitments where they can leverage their core strengths. Here, we are simply following the recommendation we give our clients. We are open for consulting and communications on a pro-bono basis for NGOs who require our services. We shall not charge any fee for such institutions.

Our support covers:

  • Overall strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Communication support

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